This online course could help freelancers find more work and make more money


Creating a career as a freelancer is one of the many modern American Dreams that exist in 2016.

It sounds like a solid life to live. You can choose your hours and only work the jobs you want to work. But ask anyone who actually does it for a living and they will tell you — it is a grind.

Chasing down editors, landing interviews, not knowing when your invoice will finally get paid — the struggles of freelancing are many, especially for those just starting out.

Once you have a trusted network of people who you’ve worked with professionally, pitch ideas and getting assigned projects to work on is easier. But in your early days, you have only your work to speak for itself, and it can be tough to kick-start your freelancing career.

If you’re a budding freelancer looking for a few tips and tricks to get your career off the ground, Udemy is currently offering a class entitled “Seth Godin’s Freelancer Course” that might be right for you. Seth Godin is an author, entrepreneur, and speaker who has done freelance work throughout his career.

Through the course, Godin aims to help aspiring freelancers take control of their careers by helping them see the world the way their potential clients do. Students will learn how to make their work unique, develop their personal brand, find clients, and increase demand for their work. Ideally, by the end of the course, they’ll have the tools they need to get started seriously building out their résumé as a freelancer and becoming, as Godin calls it, “a warrior without a king.”

The course normally runs for $45, but if you use the code “INSIDERPICKS75” at checkout, you can get access to the class for just $11. If you want to get your freelancing career off the ground, but don’t known where to start, this course could be the first step you’ve been looking for.


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